Reading & Writing

Series:Puffin Poetry Ser.
Reading Level:8+

A collection of the very best poems for children, edited by Roger McGough A wonderful collection of contemporary and classic poems chosen by children from schools around the UK. Roger McGough made the final selection and wrote the introduction. Roger McGough was bor... read more

100 Best Poems for Children

Get ready for some hilarious fun with 1001 Cool Riddles & Tongue Twisters! There are raucous riddles and trotuous tongue twisters about crazy critters, cool characters, all things gross and gory, and strange school days. You'll split your sides over prehi... read more

1001 Cool Riddles and Tongue Twisters
$9.99(AUD) inc GST

Know any good jokes? Here are 1001 (yes, one thousand and one ) awesome ones for the whole family to enjoy
Why did the empty sandwich go to the dentist?IT NEEDED A FILLING.
What do you call a 20,000-year-old joke?PRE-HYSTERICAL.With jokes galore, ... read more

1001 Really Ridiculously Silly Jokes
$12.99(AUD) inc GST


 Natural History

"A beautifully illustrated picture book featuring 101 full-colour animal illustrations, each with its very own collective noun - from the 2017 CBCA shortlisted author/illustrator of A-Z of Endangered Animals. A tribe of kiwis? A smack of jellyfish? A wisdom of wombats? ... read more

101 Collective Nouns (PB)
$18.99(AUD) inc GST



Series:101 Drills

The latest title in this well-known series, 101 Multi Skill Sports Games is packed with tried and tested drills to teach, test and improve sports skills for children and young adults aged 7-16. Fun, educational and challenging, each session contains information on equipment ... read more

101 Multi Skill Sports Games

The Ruby Red Shoes 2019 Diary makes planning your life a joyous, caring experience. Bounce through the days, weeks and months of 2019 while being inspired by Ruby's charming philosophies and, as always, delighted by Kate Knapp’s dreamy illustrations.

2019 Ruby Red Shoes Diary Kate Knapp
$24.95(AUD) inc GST



A Beginners Guide to the Periodic Table is a mind-blowing guide to the elements that make up the periodic table. By linking each element to a story, wacky science analogy or fascinating fact, Gill creates a unique first reference to the periodic table. From ... read more

A Beginner's Guide to the Periodic Table
$17.99(AUD) inc GST


 Natural History

Series:My Great Bear Rainforest Ser.

A Whale's World follows a pod of spy-hopping orcas as they explore the ecosystems of the Great Bear Sea while hunting for their next meal. Past rocky shores and through kelp forests, they observe foraging wolves, hungry grizzly bears, curious black bears, graceful fin whales, s... read more

A Whale's World


 Reading & Writing

See how animals behave through the seasons, and the cycle of trees and plants, from the first blossoms of spring through to the stark winter wonderland in December. 12 inspiring poems from Joe Coelho, paired with folk art from Kelly Louise Judd give this book year-round appeal.

A Year of Nature Poems
$22.99(AUD) inc GST


 Natural History

This beautifully illustrated full-colour picture book is packed with interesting facts and is perfect for young conservationists and students with a keen interest in the world around us. A 2017 CBCA Honour Book. This beautifully illustrated full-colour picture book is... read more

A-Z of Endangered Animals (PB)
$18.99(AUD) inc GST


 Non Fiction

Series:Absolute Expert Ser.

Tear through tons of facts, figures, timelines, and the most up-to-date intel straight from the field, with National Geographic explorer and paleontologist Steve Brusatte as your expert guide, in this cool book all about dinosaurs. Have you met Pinocchio rex? Meet this fa... read more

Absolute Expert: Dinosaurs
$29.99(AUD) inc GST



Series:Little People, Big Dreams

Meet Ada Lovelace, the British mathematician and daughter of poet Lord Byron. Part of the beloved Little People, BIG DREAMS series, this inspiring and informative little biography follows the colourful life of Lord Byron's daughter, from her early love of logi... read more

Ada Lovelace (Little People, Big Dreams)
$19.99(AUD) inc GST