Elegantly packaged to look like a vintage book, it’s the perfect way to hide a sneaky game of golf.Contains:2 BallsPutterFlagPutting greenRules of the game

All Weather Indoor Golf - Desktop Edition


 Novelty Gifts

Series:Miniature Editions Ser.
Reading Level:General Adult

The perfect gift for any bookworm in your life The Book Lover's Cup of Tea includes an innovative book-shaped tea infuser (titled "A Tale of Two Ci-Teas") that offers two ways to brew: Dunk the entire book into your cup, or let the cover rest on the r... read more

Book Lover's Cup of Tea : Includes Tea Infuser
$14.99(AUD) inc GST

Elegantly packaged to look like a vintage book, it’s the perfect way to hide a sneaky game of pool.Contains:16 BallsCueCueing RestTrianglePool TableRules of the game

Competition 8 Ball Pool - Desktop Edition

A fabulous range of 88-piece mini jigsaw puzzles featuring covers of the best-selling Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups including The Husband, The Wife, The hangover and The Hipster.

Ladybird For Grown-Ups Mini Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you think outside the box to win this great fun Ladybird-themed lateral thinking game, for 2-8 players.

Ladybird for Grown-Ups Lateral Thinking Game

Can you tell the difference between real and pretend? Truth or lies? Fact or fiction? Find out with this hilarious, knowledge-stretching game.Contents: 108 question cards and full instructions.

Ladybird for Grown-Ups True or False Game
$19.95(AUD) inc GST

In those long and dark winter months, when you’re busy dreaming of beaches and a summer romance with Raoul, these Ice Cream Ankle Socks will be sure to put the spring back into your step. With four delicious flavours to choose f... read more

Luckies Ice Cream Socks - Hundreds and Thousands



Series:Miniature Editions Ser.

Embrace your inner Picasso and let the revolutionary art style of cubism inspire you to create a metal masterpiece! You don't have to be Damian Hearst to enjoy the simplicity of making your own artwork, ranging from the serious to the silly. The Cubist-inspired pieces in this artsy kit wi... read more

Magnetic Cubism


 Novelty Gifts

Have you ever wondered why your cat acts a certain way, has such an attitude, or does strange things? Now with the Phrenology Cat kit you can pin-point and label where in your cat's brain their emotions, likes, dislikes, and quirks are located on this adorable ceramic bust. This ... read more

Phrenology Cats
$14.99(AUD) inc GST


 Novelty Gifts

Series:Miniature Editions Ser.

C is for Cookie The Cookie Monster Cookie Cutter Kit features a deliciously fun way to learn the alphabet
Sure to be tons of fun to use when baking with Mom or Dad in the kitchen, the kit includes cookie cutters in the shape of ... read more

Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Cookie Cutter Kit


 Novelty Gifts

Fairy gardens are trending -- this mini kit includes everything you need to create your own teeny-tiny fairy garden and make your little fairy friend feel at home. Kit includes:

A mini fairy
Three mini toadstools
Stepping stones
32-page book with fairy garden inspiration and instructions

Teeny-Tiny Fairy Garden
$14.99(AUD) inc GST

Bring the nostalgic joy of vinyl to your home or office with the Teeny-Tiny Turntable, a mini record player that plays 3 different tracks
This kit includes:

Miniature record player, with liftable lid and movable a... read more

Teeny-Tiny Turntable: Includes 3 Mini-LPs to Play!
$17.99(AUD) inc GST