Little Collect Toddler Game

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Players take turns drawing cards from the pile, and depending on what the card shows, proceeds to place the corresponding item on their circular game board. The objective is to be the first to collect 3 carrots, 3 peas, and any 3 rabbits.... But, at any given time, players can only have a maximum of 3 carrots and 3 peas on the board – so if you’ve already got 3 carrots and you draw another carrot card, it’s kind of a missed turn for you. Also. There are foxes hidden in that deck, so whenever you draw a fox card, you lose one rabbit from your board (yikes!). Click here for full game instructions in English!

An intimate two-player game that follows a multi-layered rule design, which requires players to observe, process, and make logic of information through a series of ‘if’ & ‘then’ conditionals – what happens when you have 3 carrots on your board and you draw a fourth rabbit card? What if you draw a standing rabbit but there are no peas on your board? What happens when you draw a fox?

• Visual observation
• Logical processing
• Self-confidence
• Social integration
• Family/group bonding
• Overall cognitive development

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