Nature, Money, Work, Care, Food, Energy, and Lives. These are the seven things that have made our world and will continue to shape its future. By making these things cheap, modern commer... read more

A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things - A Guide to Capitalism, Nature, and the Future of the Planet



A window on the world of birders-obsessive, passionate, quirky, and always interesting "Like bird watching itself, reading Birdmania is filled with surprises and a sense of discovery. But in this collection it is the watchers, not the birds, who are on display - ornithologists a... read more

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Reading Level:General Adult

In Drawdown, renowned environmentalist Paul Hawken has assembled a team of over 200 scholars, scientists, policymakers, business leaders and activists to illustrate the hundred most substantive solutions to combat climate change that together will not only slow down the growth of ... read more

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Written by Dr Xand van Tulleken, who slimmed down from 19 stone, How to Lose Weight Well champions a foolproof weightloss method. He presents a simple 10-point plan for a healthy diet, backed by science - no gimmicks, no expensive supplements, no hassle, just practi... read more

How to Lose Weight Well

In the growing debate over eco-friendly living, it seems that everything is as bad as everything else. Do you do more harm by living in the country or the city? Is it better to drive a thousand miles or take an airplane? In No Impact Man... read more

No Impact Man: Saving the Planet One Family at a Time

A one-stop introduction to how to do astronomy in the digital age. Thanks to modern technology, there is no longer a daunting boundary for those of us who wish to experience what it is like to actually do astronomy. Starting with a simple camera and laptop,... read more

StargazingThe Digital Astronomer

Acclaimed scientist Tim Flannery investigates exciting new technologies currently being developed to address our most pressing environmental threats in a book that presents a positive future for us and our planet... read more

Sunlight and Seaweed: an Argument for How to Feed, Power and Clean Up the World
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"The Great Barrier Reef, argues Iain McCalman, has been created by human minds as well as coral polyps, by imaginations as well as natural processes. In this landmark book he charts our shifting perceptions of it, from the terrifying labyrinth that almost sunk... read more

The Reef : A Passionate History
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You are here. But what if you weren't? You could easily have ended up in a different reality altogether, where dinosaurs still rule the Earth, the Russians got to the Moon first, time flo... read more

The Universe Next Door: A Journey Through 57 Alternative Realities, Parallel Worlds and Possible Futures
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A New York Times Critics' Top Book of 2017One of Washington Post's 50 Notable Works of Nonfiction in 2017One of Booklist's Top 10 Science Books of 2017 
What if Atlantis wasn't a myth, but an ... read more

The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World