Get ready for some hilarious fun with 1001 Cool Riddles & Tongue Twisters! There are raucous riddles and trotuous tongue twisters about crazy critters, cool characters, all things gross and gory, and strange school days. You'll split your sides over prehi... read more

1001 Cool Riddles and Tongue Twisters
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Know any good jokes? Here are 1001 (yes, one thousand and one ) awesome ones for the whole family to enjoy
Why did the empty sandwich go to the dentist?IT NEEDED A FILLING.
What do you call a 20,000-year-old joke?PRE-HYSTERICAL.With jokes galore, ... read more

1001 Really Ridiculously Silly Jokes
$12.99(AUD) inc GST



Being a mum is a full-time job, and can sometimes seem a little overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. With 101 Baby Hacks we share with you all our time-tested shortcuts to make the parenthood journey easier - from simple tricks to get your little ones to sleep, practic... read more

101 Baby Hacks
$24.99(AUD) inc GST


 Natural History

"A beautifully illustrated picture book featuring 101 full-colour animal illustrations, each with its very own collective noun - from the 2017 CBCA shortlisted author/illustrator of A-Z of Endangered Animals. A tribe of kiwis? A smack of jellyfish? A wisdom of wombats? ... read more

101 Collective Nouns (PB)
$18.99(AUD) inc GST


 Health & Wellness

Artist Meredith Gaston brings us words of inspiration, abundance, and joy in this beautifully illustrated gift book, containing 101 moments to color your world and brighten your life. "Our thoughts shape our worlds," says Meredith Gaston, author and illustrat... read more

101 Moments of Joy and Inspiration



Series:101 Drills

The latest title in this well-known series, 101 Multi Skill Sports Games is packed with tried and tested drills to teach, test and improve sports skills for children and young adults aged 7-16. Fun, educational and challenging, each session contains information on equipment ... read more

101 Multi Skill Sports Games

Create simple solutions for growing organic gardens! The word "hack" has a multitude of meanings these days, but if you ask garden author Shawna Coronado what a hack is, she might just wave her hand toward her own back y... read more

101 Organic Gardening Hacks: Eco-Friendly Solutions to Improve Any Garden


 Jokes & Humour

Since time immemorial mankind has been plagued by the question "What do you do with a dead cat?" Here, at last, in 101 hilarious, outrageous, and (sometimes) downright sick cartoons, are some answers. 101 black-and-white illustrations.

101 Uses for a Dead Cat
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A truly international collection containing 101 of the most delicious veggie recipes to cook on the grill.
The sun's out, your friends are coming over, the fridge is full of crisp white win... read more

101 Vegetarian BBQ and Grill Recipes: Amazing Meat-Free recipes for Vegetarian and Vegan BBQ Food
$24.99(AUD) inc GST


 Crime & Thriller

Series:Women's Murder Club Ser.
Reading Level:General Adult

Secrets. Lies. Murder. In this pulse-pounding Women's Murder Club novel, mysteries and lives unravel.Detective Lindsay Boxer's long-awaited wedding celebration becomes a distant memory when she is called to investigate a horrendous crime: a badly injured teenage g... read more

10th Anniversary (Women's Murder Club #10)
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 Health & Wellness

Reading Level:very good

The #1 Sunday Times and International Bestseller from 'the most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now' (New York Times) What are the most valuable things that everyone should know? Acclaimed clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson h... read more

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos
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A jargon-free guide to your child's education and how you can help them thrive at school
'Full of practical advice on how parents can help their child succeed in school and life' - David Gonski
Australian school students are quickly s... read more

12 Ways Your Child Can Get the Best Out of School
$32.99(AUD) inc GST